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A steam room uses a steam generator to give off wet, humid heat (as opposed to a sauna which gives off dry heat).

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A Spa/Jacuzzi is a tub which is produced in various shapes and sizes. It is fitted with jets and air bubbles for hydrotherapy benefits.

SAUNAS – Find out more

A sauna is a room insulated from roof to ceiling with untreated wood to retain heat from the heat source.

MASSAGE BATHS – Find out more

Scandi Bath offers a limited collection of hand-picked massage bathtubs for our decerning customers who value the best in quality, design and functionality.

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Scandi is a proudly South African manufacturer of high quality spas/Jacuzzi’s, Steam generators, steam cabins and sauna rooms.
We afford you the luxury of de-stressing, both alone, as well as in the company of your loved ones – at the place you feel most comfortable.

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