The Hawaii spa option can seat up to 6 people comfortably and features a deluxe recliner dotted with a double row of air bubbles. The foot spa is generous and lined with rows of air bubbles as well.

Standard Features

  • 6 rotating, fixed and midi jets
  • Single pump station (1.1kW jet circulation pump,
  • 4kW heating element
  • Filter cartridge and casing
  • Air blower for floor bubbles
  • Blue underwater LED light
  • Waterproof DB Box
  • 3 spa mounted mushroom bellow buttons
  • Floor suction

Optional upgrades

  • Upgrade to Heat Pump System
  • Upgrade to a dual/double pump system
  • Wooden surround
  • Spa cover options (see spa accessories)
  • Pump cover (if pump station installed outdoors)