Spa and Jacuzzi

What is a Spa/Jacuzzi
A Spa/Jacuzzi is a tub which is produced in various shapes and sizes. It is fitted with jets and air bubbles for hydrotherapy benefits. Most spas/Jacuzzi’s have the benefit of heated water and a built in filtration system for hygiene purposes.

Benefits of using a spa/Jacuzzi

  • Besides the overall enjoyment of utilising a Jacuzzi there are other physical and psychological benefits as well:
  • Helps to relieve stress
  • Helps the body to relax physically and mentally through the warmth of the water and the sound of the air bubbles
  • Physical rejuvenation as your body is massaged by jets and air bubbles
  • Foot spa helps to target pressure points on feet
  • Eases muscle and joint pain
  • Can help improve osteoporosis as buoyancy is obtained and light exercises in Jacuzzi can promote bone growth
    Improved blood circulation
  • Assists in providing pain relieve in extremities especially for those suffering with Arthritis Scandi is a proudly South African manufacture and installer of spa/Jacuzzis. Our spas are vacuum formed using a single acrylic sheet and reinforced with fibre glass providing a smooth and glossy inside surface and a strong durable shell.

Scandi Jacuzzis are built with the highest quality materials and components.