About Us

Scandi Spa is a proudly South African manufacturer of high quality spas/Jacuzzi’s, Steam generators, steam cabins and sauna rooms.
Scandi Spa caters for both – homeowners as well as the commercial sector (hotels, gyms, beauty salons, spa’s, hospitals and treatment centres)

We are passionate about:

  • exceptional service and high standards of quality
  • providing you with the best options to enhance your lifestyle and space
  • custom-making our products to suit your requirement
  • providing products that make it possible for friends and family to get together

Feel free to browse our website and contact us to find out more about our existing products or a custom-made product which is best-suited to your needs. Remember that although we are based in Durban, we deliver nationally and supply clients in Africa and The Middle East.


In 1984 a resident of Pietermaritzburg summoned Kim Wood – who had just completed his military service – to assist him in installing a sauna at his home. The gentleman, who was of German descent, had ordered a sauna, six months previously, from a company which had never delivered it to him. In stepped Kim, who built what was probably Pietermaritzburg’s first sauna, at home, in the family’s garage. This was the birth of Scandi – the rest, as they say is history…

Kim began building and installing saunas for other families in Pietermaritzburg who wanted them. As luck would have it, his foray into the world of saunas coincided with the period in which the face of the health and fitness industry was being transformed. The holistic ‘California style fitness centre’ concept was being introduced, in favour of male-dominated gymnasiums which comprised only dumbbells, weights and benches, and Scandi was often asked to build saunas at these new gyms.

The Scandi portfolio grew over time to include spas and thereafter steam rooms with the development and manufacture of steam generator units.

Scandi has since grown in leaps and bounds, eventually relocating to larger premises in Pinetown, at which it continues to manufacture a wide range of high quality steam, sauna and spa products and accessories, which are supplied not only around the country, but around the world.

Scandi is owned and managed by Ayman who with his Turkish background is passionate about making Scandi a leader in the development of hammams (Turkish baths), exclusive and modern saunas as well as related products and strives to maintain high standards of quality, service and innovation at Scandi Spa.