Sauna Heaters

At the heart of the sauna room radiates the warmth of the sauna heater.
Scandi Sauna Heaters are manufactured locally and are made of stainless steel. Heater strengths available are as follows:

Sauna Heater Model
Area Serviced Size of Unit (mm) Single Phase
Circuit Breaker
Requirement (AMP)
Three Phase
Circuit Breaker
Requirement (AMP)
6kW 2000x2000mm 28amps per phase
9kW 2500x2000mm NOT AVAILABLE
15amps per phase
12kW 3000x2000mm 20amps per phase
  • Includes: sauna heater, sauna stones, heater mount, temperature sensor with holder and control panel.

*DIY packages available fully labelled with manuals and telephonic support